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I am a jewelry designer and wire wrapping artist. I love working with stone and metal to bring out the best in each.  I am self-taught and have been wrapping stones and making unusual adornments for about 15 years. I work out of my Portland, OR studio and I love what I do. While some of the items I make are somewhat reproducible, each item will be slightly different as I use no patterns nor any jigs. The main tools I use for manipulating the wire are my hands and my pliers.

I also cut many of my own stones. I find that taking a stone from rough to finished is very rewarding, creating a wearable piece of art in itself, which I then enhance with sterling silver wire.

I love to do custom orders. Have an idea for bridesmaid jewelry sets? How about a personal twist on a piece of jewelry you saw in a catalog? E-mail me and let's see what we can do. E-mail allows me to work with clients all over the globe, and I'd love to exchange ideas with you no matter where you are.

There is a link to my Etsy store should you wish to see what sorts of items I have on offer right now.

Picture Jasper
Striped Agate
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